Anasayfa » Barbados, proclaimed themselved a republic and honoured Rihanna with the title of ‘National Hero’

Barbados, proclaimed themselved a republic and honoured Rihanna with the title of ‘National Hero’

Barbados Ceremony of Independance
The country of Barbados, which was under the dominion of Great Britain, declared their independance. Barbados transitioned from a Commonwealth realm to a republic and gained the title of Independent Barbados Republic after 396 years.

The country of Barbados, which has been under the Dominion of the British Kingdom since its establishment in 1966 declared Republic and became the Independent Republic of Barbados 396 years after it’s foundation.

In 30 November 1966 Barbados recognized Queen II. Elizabeth as the Queen of Barbados, State of Barbados was established in 1966 and became part of the Commonwealth region. Although Barbados received the status of independence about 400 years ago; Barbados, like Jamaica and Australia, was under British rule for 396 years. Dame Sandra Mason, 73, became the first elected president of Barbados, after the Republic was officially declared on November 30, 2021.

The world-famous singer -originally from Barbados- also attended the Ceremony which was held on November 30 2021. She was declared a National Hero and crowned with an honorary tiara. Rihanna crowned at the ceremony, as she gave hope to Barbados with her worldwide success. She got Honored as National Hero. The Barbadian singer preferred a one-shouldered orange bright dress at the ceremony, was also admired for her stylish dress.

Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, emphasized the singer’s achievements in her speech at the ceremony. “Rihanna also dominates the imagination of the world thanks to her pursuit of excellence, creativity, discipline and, above all, her extraordinary dedication to her country of birth”

Prince Charles from the Royal family also attended the proclamation of the Republic of Barbados and gave a speech at the ceremony

This is the new beginning for the Republic of Barbados. From the darkest days of our past, and the appalling atrocity of slavery, which forever stains our history, the people of this island forged their path with extraordinary fortitude Your long journey has brought you to this moment, not as your destination, but as a vantage point from which to survey a new horizon” said in his speech at the ceremony.

In October 2021, Barbados elected Sandra Mason as its first elected president in its history. She played a big role to start the process of becoming a republic from being a Commonwealth region. With the inauguration of Mason as President on 30 November 2021, the transition to a republic from Commonwealth region was completed.

Barbados got separated legally from the reign of Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth the second and the Commonwealth of Nations by declaring the Republic on 30 December 2021 and became a fully independent country. The ruler of Barbados became the newly elected Prime Minister Sandra Mason who reined of Queen of Great Britain. Newly elected President Sandra Mason took her oath on 30 November the 55th anniversary of independence from Britain.

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