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Cristiano Ronaldo Signed To Manchester United


The transfer news that the world has been waiting for with great excitement has arrived. Manchester United, one of the English Premier League teams, announced that they have added the Portuguese world star to their squad. The statement made included the words “Welcome Home”.

World-famous star Cristiano Ronaldo, who played in Juventus, one of the Italian Serie A teams last season, and decided to leave the team, returned to his former team, Manchester United. Manchester United announced the transfer of the Portuguese player from its social media account. In the statement titled “Welcome Home”, it was stated that an agreement was reached with the Juventus club on the transfer of the experienced player.

Although there have been reports that he has agreed with Manchester City in recent days, the star player has been transferred to his former team, Manchester United. The Red Devils announced the transfer details on their official site.

Manchester United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson convinced the Portuguese star to come to Manchester United instead of Manchester City after meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo won the Premier League 3 times, the Champions League 1 time FA Cup with his Manchester team, and won awards such as top scorer and best player in the Premier League.

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