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Epic Games Free Game of the Week!!

Aven Colony Is Free!

Epic Games is giving away 49 TL worth of Aven Colonu for free this week. Don’t forget to add it to your Epic Games account until November 11th.

Aven Colony

Build your own civilization with Aven Colony.

Dominate Aven Prime, a far-flung space with different climates. Aven Colony gives you the mission of humanity’s first colonization outside the solar system. The game becomes quite gripping as you deal with the difficulties of settling in such a remote place from the world.

Our thoughts as TeknoGoril

  • Graphics 8/10,
  • Music & Sounds 8/10,
  • Content 9/10,
  • It’s pretty cool to see Team17 as a producer. The same company made the Worms game among the legends,
  • We are very sad that there is no Turkish language option.

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