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How Much Will Bitcoin Be In August?


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It is predicted that bitcoin will continue its upward trend as of August.

Bitcoin continues its negative trend so far while it is at the ceiling band of $ 24,700. The remaining BTC, which is again subject to intense selling pressure, causes altcoins to depreciate.

In the remaining time, Bitcoin began to slowly retreat below the $23,000 band. Although the bears in the market want to suppress Bitcoin, the bulls can quickly respond to these moves.

how many dollars in bitcoin

Bitcoin is instantly traded in the market at $ 23,250.

Bitcoin, which managed to lean on the $ 23,200 band, should definitely not lose this support level so that it does not fall much harder in the next short time.

Bitcoin analysis for August

In general, there were very high increases in all markets after July. Bitcoin, which is included in these increases, has experienced an increase of more than 17% per month for the first time since 2021.

Will Bitcoin rise?

As of August, it is thought that Bitcoin will continue this upward trend. Bitcoin, which is predicted to pass the $ 24,600 level in the near future, may rise to $ 30 thousand again.

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