Anasayfa » Mesut Özil’s Token M10 Is Out: What is it, How and Where to Buy?
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Mesut Özil’s Token M10 Is Out: What is it, How and Where to Buy?


Mesut Özil announced that he entered the crypto market with his post on Twitter.

What is this M10 Token?

The M10 Token is a utility token. What is Utility token? A utility token is defined as a digital unit that provides exclusive access to a product or service.The utility token provides access, similar to a ticket that grants access to a sporting event.

Where to Sell M10 Token?

With the Gami Token official account replying to the tweet, we learned that the M10 token will be sold through GAMI. On the other hand, M10 Token will not be available on binance.

How to buy M10 Token?

Gami is a decentralized pre-sale platform. First you have to buy $GAMI. To buy $GAMI:

  • You must install a metamask external wallet in the Google Chrome browser and add a Binance Smart Chain network.
  • You must buy BNB from the Binance exchange and deposit it into your Binance Smart Chain wallet, which is in your Metamask over the Binance smart chain network, and connect your wallet to the Pancakeswap site.
  • You can buy GAMI with this contract address 0x1236a887ef31b4d32e1f0a2b5e4531f52cec7e75.