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Most popular programming languages 2022

Most popular programming languages 2022
Technology continues to evolve day by day without slowing down. Behind this development, programs are at the forefront. Different programming languages lie behind these programs.

TIOBE, which reveals popular programming languages according to the search results of users according to certain criteria, has listed the most wanted programming languages of this month.

According to the data, Python continues its rise without slowing down. Increasing its popularity by another 2%, Python is currently at an all-time high with a market share of 15.42%.

Python is widely used in almost every field. On the other hand, C ranks first with 14.59 percent, and Java ranks third with 12.40 percent. While Rust is slowly climbing into the top 20, Kotlin is back in the top 30.

The new Google language, Carbon, entered the TIOBE list at number 192.

It is worth remembering that popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu are used while making this Ranking.


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