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Most Valuable Brands

Which are the World’s Most Valuable Brands?

The annual report of world’s top 500 most valuable and strongest global brands, Global 500 2024 is published from Brand Finance. Every year, leading brand valuation consultancy firme puts the brands to the test, and publishes many reports, ranking brands across all sectors and countries.

The most striking result is that the leadership seat changed by a large margin. Apple achieves remarkable 74% growth in brand value, even as iPhone volume share has largely plateaued, reclaiming its title as the world’s most valuable brand by huge margin, overtaking Amazon. Apple has maintained its position as the dominant player in the premium smartphone market.

Applehas achieved exceptional brand value growth this year, increasing by USD219 billion (74%) to USD516,6 billion.

NVIDIA, significant gain amongst brands that have heavily invested in AI, become the world’s fastest-growing brand. The brand value up 163% to USD44.5 billion.

Deutsche Telekom, brand value up 17% to USD73.3 billion, has claimed the title as the world’s most valuable telecoms brand. Ranked 9th globally, Deutsche Telekom also leads as the most valuable European brand.

Tesla has dropped out of the top 10, falling to 18th place in the ranking. .

In the list, Microsoft jumping up two spots to 2nd place, Google took the 3rd place.

Last year’s leader, Amazon, ranked 4th with $308.9 Billion. The rest of the list includes South Korean Samsung, Retail company Walmart, Chinese Tiktok, US Facebook, German Deutsche Telekom; followed by Chinese Bank ICBC in the top 10.

Tesla has been harmed by its large exposure to the Chinese EV market, and BYD has now overtaken Tesla to become the world’s largest EV maker.

The USA is ahead in the country rankings…

203 of the companies on the Global 500 list are US companies. While there are 65 Chinese brands on the list, there are 33 Japanese, 32 French, 28 German and 20 British.

If we look at the sectors, banking has 71 brands, retail has 53 brands, and technology has 49 brands.

When we look at the fact that personal discretionary spending is restricted due to inflation and increasing living costs, cosmetics and personal care brands are 9%,
food brands lost 15%, restaurant brands lost 3%, and alcoholic beverage brands lost 6%.

The report also included a list of the top 100 CEOs of brands. Ma Huateng, CEO of Chinese technology brand TENCENT, is at the top of the list.

Instagram ranks 13th. Starbucks ranks 15th, Mercedes 17th, Toyota 21th, Shell 23rd. is ranked.

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