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Russian investors bitcoin gold and currency…


Bitcoin is getting more and more popular in Russia every day…

The Association of Currency Brokers (AFD) conducted a survey of Russian investors to gauge their thoughts and investments on Bitcoin. AFD revealed that the majority of respondents prefer Bitcoin to gold and foreign currency.

77% of respondents emphasized that Bitcoin and crypto assets are the “most forward-looking” investment. It contrasts with gold, which was chosen as the best investment by only 8.8% of those surveyed. There are “familiar national currencies” preferred by about 14% of the respondents. Only 23% of respondents said they have never used Bitcoin. And also, 77% said they are considering investing in bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies soon. The rate of those who were hesitant to invest in Bitcoin and those who were suspicious made up 15%.

AFD chairman Evgeny Masharov said that Russian investors no longer think of Bitcoin as a “scam” but as a real investment. AFD will send the survey results to the Bank of Russia and the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets. The growing adoption and popularity of Bitcoin by the Russian public is at odds with the stance taken by the governments of Europe following the holistic view trend.

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