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Bitcoin Big Analyst’s Price Prospect!! What Low Will BTC See?


Bitcoin price has started to recover recently, it has been trading at $ 46,500 and $ 48,500 for the last 2 days. At this point, while analysts continue their bullish hopes for BTC, there is a different agenda theme at the bottom levels that the leading cryptocurrency can see.

Bitcoin Price Prospects for 2021

Analyst PlanB recently conducted a survey and the majority of respondents concluded that the BTC price target is $100,000 before the end of 2021. PlanB, on the other hand, has long said that its BTC price target is $135,000 for 2021.

In a post she made, PlanB stated that September could be stagnant and that she wanted to switch directly to October. On top of that, PlanB listed the price movements he expects the Bitcoin price to follow in a post in August: $47,000 in August, $43,000 in September, $63,000 in October, $98,000 in November, and $135,000 in December.

When we examine the graphs, it is clearly seen that the analyst has kept the forecasts for August and has been accurate for September.

Lowest Expectation: $39,000

Will Clemente, a lead analyst at Blockware Solutions, also considers a pricing model called the “Liquid Supply Floor”. In his statements, Clemente said that for now, the lowest price that can be seen inBTC is $ 39,000.