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Jack Grealish at Manchester City


Jack Grealish at Manchester City

It was a move that did not surprise football fans. Classy feet would be more dangerous in the hands of the grealish guardiola. They broke this Premier league record of exactly 117 million euros. In addition, he became the most expensive English football player in the history of football. Guardiola said maybe we could transfer 1.5, he complained about money. But once again they showed him the power behind him.

We expect Harry Kane to be his next transfer. When Kane said he would win the first trophy in his career, it didn’t happen again. This is his curse, he tried many times and was eliminated in the finals many times. Kane was going to meet with his coach when he returned to tottenham, but he did not go to training even though he was injured and not covid. This is a clear message, he says buy me. He claimed that the city agreed. They wrote that there was an agreement for 187 million euros. Moreover, Kane’s salary is 400 thousand pounds per week, if these claims are true, Kane will be the first football player with the highest salary in the Premier league. With transfer bonuses, he will find 200 million euros.

200 Kaneye 117 Grealish Manchester City Really freaked out.

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