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NASA: Will an asteroid ever hit Earth?

NASA, “Will an asteroid ever hit Earth?” posted a video. Is there a danger of an asteroid hitting the Earth? In the video where an expert from NASA speaks, the answer is “Yes”; was that in the future, asteroids would hit the Earth.
Will an asteroid ever hit Earth?

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the agency responsible for the space program of the United States, has released a short informational video about the impact of asteroids on Earth. Kelly Fast, an asteroid expert working on planetary defense at NASA, answered this question in the video we asked a NASA Scientist. Kelly Fast replied unequivocally, “Yes, throughout history asteroids have hit Earth and it will happen again.”

Danger of asteroid hitting Earth?

Kelly Fast stated that dust, meteorites and small asteroids are constantly falling on Earth and we call them shooting stars. In the continuation of the video, she states that asteroid impacts affecting the Earth are very rare. She added that the impact of asteroids on Earth takes place on scales of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years.

This summer, a research team from the Southwest Research Institute, a US R&D organization, announced that an asteroid of the size that wiped out the dinosaurs hit Earth, on average, every 250 million years. Also on Twitter, NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office pointed out that there are no known threats of asteroid impacts to Earth for the next century.

One of the closest threats was an asteroid that was found to be the size of a bus in April 2021. It passed between the Earth and the Moon at a speed of 54,000 miles per hour, closer than the fixed satellites. Name is ‘2021 GW4’. The asteroid actually passed at a safe distance and posed no threat to Earth. This asteroid, first detected on April 6, completes one orbit around the Sun in 650 days.

“Every 2,000 years, a meteorite the size of a football field hits the Earth and causes significant damage to the area it hits.” NASAsaid that the major asteroid that pose the real threat hit every few million years: “Every few million years we are confronted with an object large enough to threaten civilizations on Earth. Craters on Earth and the Moon are proof of that. We believe that any object larger than 1 to 2 kilometers could have wide-ranging effects.”

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