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Taliban demand to attend United Nations General Assembly


After the US left Afghanistan, the Taliban entered Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and overthrew the former government and took over the administration of the country.

This request was made by Amir Khan Muttaqi, who was announced as the foreign minister in the new government announced by the Taliban. The United Nations will consider the request and make a decision.

The Taliban nominated their spokesman, Suheyl Şahin, in Doha, to be Afghanistan’s representative to the United Nations. According to the Taliban, the former Afghan government representative no longer represents Afghanistan.

A UN spokesperson, considering the request and comprising of American, Chinese and Russian representatives, the nine-member committee will meet next week after the General Assembly addresses are over. Until then, Ghulam Isaczai, previously appointed by the Afghan government, will continue to serve as Afghanistan’s official representative to the UN.

The Taliban had made such a request before, but there was no positive response from the UN.

Addressing the General Assembly on Tuesday, Sheikh Tamim bin Hama al-Thani, Emir of Qatar, also urged other countries to contact the Taliban:

“Boycotting the Taliban only leads to polarization and backlash, whereas dialogue pays off.”

Qatar was also the address of the ongoing negotiations between the Taliban and the USA, which resulted in a compromise in 2020.

With the Taliban taking over the country, Qatar has a critical role in the departure of those who want to leave the country, such as taking off a plane and being the third country where asylum seekers land.

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