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This Cryptocurrency Cannot Be Stopped


Solana (SOL) is known as a Layer 1 solution and is marketed (SOL) with the sale of the CoinList cryptocurrency exchange. He had the best year ever. Last, increased 6.500% in 1 year, 84% in the last 1 week, 23% in the last 24 hours and reached the level of 146 dollars. After breaking its own record, which was $70 before, the leftan, who officially added everything to it, continues to rise day by day.

Solana Refreshes Record

SOL reached a total market cap of $40 billion and surpassed Dogecoin. If SOL gains another $19 billion, it could surpass XRP and lead SOL to become the 6th cryptocurrency. SOL, which has achieved a 300% increase in the last month, was trading at $ 35 on August 1, and the momentum of increase is quite interesting at the moment.

The main reason for this rise of SOL is definitely known as the NFT craze. The NFT craze, which spread to other networks after the Ethereum network, also contributed to SOL with projects like Degen Ape Academy, and users are getting more SOLs and more SOLs to get more NFTs to get more NFTs. This creates a vicious circle for levels and price.

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