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Analyst Warns: These 2 Coins Could Kick the Scales!!!


Popular Twitter analyst Sherpa says that Bitcoin (BTC) is stealing the show that will take place. Ethereum and Solana say they are giving important signals against Bitcoin.

Bitcoin altcoin prices suppress

Sherpa, in his market analysis, says that altcoin prices will underperform in the future due to the increase in the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

Notice how altcoin/BTC pairs drop when BTC makes a move? This will continue. It should rise in the dollar but still underperforms Bitcoin. I think altcoin season is not ready yet.


According to Sherpa, with Bitcoin forming an HL level around $60,000 and a short pullback open, the Analyst says:

I really feel comfortable saying that this is a low formation. Maybe we can hit $55,000 or some other level, but I’m not so sure. Either way, I don’t care about these little gestures; I am still buying more Bitcoins in this space. It will harden when you move it.

According to the analyst, he says the time for altcoins is only after Bitcoin has collected and then cooled.

Ethereum may strengthen against the dollar, but BTC is not giving up

Sherpa tells Ethereum that inside, there will be a possible uptick in ETH in dollar terms, but in the Bitcoin pair (ETH/BTC) it’s taking a breather.

Welcome to the future. Ethereum will do great on the USD pair but will underperform BTC in the coming weeks.

Solana (SOL) analysis

Sherpa Analyst SOL used the following statements in his analysis:

I think Solana is underperforming BTC in the coming weeks when BTC really starts to move. The USD pair should still continue strongly.