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New live photos from NASA James Webb

NASA has released color photos taken by James Webb.

NASA worked for many years on the next model of the Hubble telescope, James Webb. At the beginning of this year, although it decided to postpone it due to some negative reasons, it finally launched the telescope into space.

The first live photos recorded by James Webb, the spacecraft that entered its orbit, were shared. NASA has launched a livestream where it shares other color photos taken by James Webb.

NASA started to share live photos of the James Webb telescope. You can use the link below to watch.

NASA shared the following on social media:

More of the first full-color images from the James Webb Space Telescope (the world’s largest and most powerful telescope).

James Webb examines the birth of the universe

At NASA’s event at the White House today, US President Joe Biden shared the first color photo of the oldest galaxies in the universe and viewed other photos live.

James Webb color photographs
SMACS 0723

In this shared photo, the particles scattered around by the explosion of a dying star are seen in a nebula. The orange areas represent molecular hydrogen atoms, and the blue areas represent ionized gases.

James Webb color photographs
Sothern Ring Nebula

Other images of galaxies colliding and swallowed by a black hole:

James Webb color photographs
Stephan’s Quintet

This photo shows newborn stars and gas clouds of stars that are about to be born. Photographs for original sizes: NASA

James Webb color photographs
Carina Nebula

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